The Ghost and Molly McGee


The Ghost and Molly McGee follows exuberant tween Molly McGee and a grumpy ghost named Scratch.

When one of Scratch’s spells backfires, the two become bound to each other forever. The Ghost and Molly McGee is the story of a ghost and the girl who brings him back to life…figuratively.

When a cantankerous ghost named Scratch places a curse on exuberant tween Molly McGee, it backfires and leaves him forever cursed to be in Molly’s presence. Now he’s forced to go everywhere Molly goes and do everything Molly does… which, in Molly’s eyes, makes him her best friend! As Molly drags reluctant Scratch along on all her misadventures, a funny thing happens: Scratch comes to like Molly, and an unlikely friendship blossoms.


Release Date: 2021

Format: 22 x 20

Target: Kids

Created By: Bill Motz, Bob Roth

Starring: Ashly Burch, Dana Synder, Jordan Klepper, Sumalee Montano, Michaela Dietz, Laura Jill Miller

Molly and Libby from The Ghost and Molly McGee Float on Scratch who’s shaped like a hot air balloon. The words ‘The Ghost and Molly McGee’ are overlayed.
Scratch from The Ghost and Molly McGee looks down at a smiling Molly as he makes a terrifying face with his eyes popping out. The background behind them is green tinged and distorted.