What We Do

Mercury Filmworks is an
independent entertainment company.

We are digital 2D and 3D animation specialists offering a complete range of
film and television production services from concept and creative development,
to design, animation, post & delivery.


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At Mercury…

Our passion for storytelling through art and animation is evident in each of our productions. We continuously push the envelope and exceed expectations for what is possible in animation. No detail is too small and no process or method is above being reinvented for the benefit of our partners and audiences.


Dedicated to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Mercury boasts two decades of digital production experience and has become the benchmark by which all other studios are measured. The Mercury Filmworks name represents the very best of children’s animated content.

Our Expertise

  • 2d-animation

    2D Digital Animation

    Housing one of North America’s largest Harmony™ facilities, Mercury produces multiple television series in parallel and continuously sets the industry standard for quality, reliability, and innovation.

  • 3d-animation

    3D Animation

    Expanded Maya™ 3D animation facilities enable our premier artists to create immersive 3D worlds and beautiful, emotive character animation.

  • production-management

    Production Management

    Process, workflow, and collaboration. Our team efficiently manages multiple series schedules, budgets, large crews, and millions of art assets.

  • development


    Our Development team is comprised of strategic and creative thinkers who have a strong passion for family entertainment and are dedicated to creating exceptional content.

  • design


    Mercury is home to a large Emmy Award™ winning Design department with extensive experience in
    2D, 3D and hybrid productions.

  • creative-collab


    Mercury has a strong management team with years of experience in the entertainment business, legal, finance, and international co-productions.

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