Available Positions

Senior Animators

Ottawa, Canada - We are currently seeking highly specialized and uniquely talented animators who are willing and motivated to push the envelope of what is possible in order to create beautiful, memorable animation. The candidate will work on a very high profile and demanding animated series with worldwide exposure.  

Senior Systems Administrator     

Ottawa, Canada – We are looking for a Senior Systems Administrator to lead the IT systems team to develop, maintain, refine and support the technology infrastructure of the company. The environment consists of a mix of Windows and Linux based workstations and servers, and ultra-high performance storage and networking hardware.  

2D Animators (HILDA)

HILDA IS HERE!! Like the books we are starting the epic quest; looking for just that right artistic soul and talent to bring this wonderful series to life.

2D Digital Animators (Tangled)

Your adventure starts here! (Frying pan not included)

2D Digital Animators (The Lion Guard)

The fight for the Pride Lands is on!