Bunny McBee

Bunny from Bunny McBee stares at a dandelion in awe as they fly in the air.


A tiny bee with a big heart, a bigger imagination, and a huge adventure around every corner!

Bunny is an energetic little bumblebee whose need to explore is insatiable. But because he’s so small, it takes a lot of guesswork for him to understand the “big picture”. And his guesses are hilarious. Each morning, he buzzes out of his home, eager to fly into a new adventure with his best buddy, a small worm named Opal. From their tiny perspective, the world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. And they’re going to figure it out, one piece at a time.


Format: 52x11mins

Target: Preschool

Bunny McBee the bee and Opale his best friend the worm on a tree branch. Smiling at each other.
Bunny McBee the bee and Opale, his best friend the worm, peer out from underneath a rock as they look on in wonder.